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New Stories Added July 30, 2014

Shhhhh - We have to be quiet we're in a library.
Fuck This Teen - Horny coed is just waiting here for you to have some fun...
Such a Greedy Girl - It feels too good to stop!
Ravaging Peach - You come home from work to find I've started without you...
Sleepy Sex - Wake me if you want to fuck!
After Midnight: Sleeping Beauty - Are you really asleep though?
Fuck Me - After a long weekend apart we finally see each other.
Jacking For You Ch. 03: Jack Harder - I could be curing cancer but I'm doing this instead.
Babysitter Pt. 02 - The next morning...
Office Playtime - For the adventurous girls listening in at the office.
Finding Love - Jim meets Angie in a most unexpected place.
Could I Be a Werewolf? Ch. 03 - On the Road Again
A Brave New World Ch. 03 - Albus learns the group's origin as Istvan makes a discovery.
Night Hunt Ch. 03 - He is unable to resist her.
Island Fever Ch. 26 - Jeremy escorts Amy on a trip to the mainland.
Sleep of the Guilty - A conspiratorial plan to catch his wife red-handed.
First Time - A young man loses his virginity.
Rally Scoring - Coach and two ex-players enjoy a game of Truth or Dare
Tease - Jealousy leads a sub to get punished.
Der Hund - A dog fosters romance in a WWI trench
Danny Darling Ch. 03 - I begin my 'payment plan' with Danny uh I mean 'Darling.'
Ein karibisches Strandhaus 02 - Nach Kennenlernen hat Jake n├Ąchtliche Besucherin.
Raking Hay - They don't know another couple are watching them.
Happy Endings - The Massage Therapist does her best therapy.
Ben & Gabrielle Ch. 13a - Our Revels Now Are Ended - Part 1.
Ask Alice Ch. 03 - Extreme sex helps Japanese girl escape.

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