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New Stories Added March 29, 2017

Strangers on a Train - A little love ahead.
Submit a Video Story to LitTV! - How to submit your very own video story to LitTV.
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 77 - Making Porn. A New Couple.
Boxing Day - Trust me and enjoy yourself. A weekend to remember.
It's Too Cliché...Right? Ch. 05 - A day at Evan's house doesn't go how Brad expected.
A Town Without Honor Ch. 05 - Honor and Duty.
Coming Out Strong - Bad break-up to first gay hook-up.
The Princess Transformed - Daphnia’s throne is usurped and she is transformed.
Undulating Waves - My homage to Lovecraft and Machen.
Cheat Days Ch. 07 - Cheating housewife gets caught by a neighbour.
The Secret Life of Richard Forrall - Imagination or reality?
Addicting Boricua - Mara our friends and me Puerto Rico Flaming Desire.
Apollo Rocket Int'l Man Of Mystery - Apollo uses hoodoo to make his cock magic.
The Courier - A visit from her sister's new husband makes her alive.
Lesbian MILF Seductress: Spa - A spa owner is seduced and turned by seductress Bree.
Cuckoo: Requiem Pt. 01 - The alien is forced back to Earth and must repair his ship.
Dominion Ch. 06 - Aryn is retrieved from prison and must make a choice.
Gina Ch. 01 - Gina experiences the touch of another woman - and likes it.
Man's Best Friend Ch. 02 - Kate and William learn that they have more in common.
FKK an der Isar - Einen Tag lang nackt mit mir selbst.
A Hotwife's Tropical Vacation Ch. 02 - The adventures in our naked paradise get wilder.
Jane Finds Herself - The man she spoke to online becomes reality.
Jenny Cheats - Jenny with permission from her husband has a fling.
The Spell of the New Neighbors Ch. 06 -

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