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New Stories Added June 19, 2018

The 19th Annual Literotica Reader's Choice Awards: Special Cat Round - Deadine Extended! Nominate your 2017 faves in 8 special categories!
SMOTP: Daily Orgasm Day 09 - Come for Me while I watch?
Lilith's Emporium: Demon G/F Ch. 02 - Ryan meets Lizeth and learns the truth of what he's done.
The Silver Guardian Bk. 01 Ch. 14 - Dante and Lily plan their renovations...
SMOTP: Daily Orgasm Day 19 - ...That was sooo good you want to do it again don't you...
Little Bad Wolf Ch. 01 - It's dangerous out in the woods.
The Humper Game Pt. 05 Ch. 01 - Stirring things up a little.
The Northern Outpost Ch. 04 - Treasure hunters come face to face with The Nameless Queen.
Just Friends - Short and sweet.
Porn School Pt. 01 - Aimless young woman finds a small college with an odd major.
Watching Eva from Next Door - Eva teases her young virgin neighbor.
Forecourt Action - Nude walking.
Picnic Pt. 04 - Blowjob - The evening after the picnic my turn to tell a story.
Hall Pass - She seemed a little unclear on the concept.
Girl Talk - Just sitting around the pool gossiping.
I Own You - A young man becomes his well endowed boss's personal bitch.
Our First Time - Reunion with an old military friend.
Joys of a Futanari Wife Ch. 01 - A futanari becomes wife to a man with pleasurable ways.
18 Maîtres Ch. 02 - Mon deuxième gang-bang.
My Daughter's Secret Plan - His daughter comforts him after a tragic loss.
"The Squeaky Hamper Hinge" Pt. 03 - Fancy Footwork - 21yo Daughter's Craving for Cock & Cum.
Secret Lessons Ch. 03 - Father teaches daughter.
Worst "Brother" Ever Ch. 01 - A humiliation story.
Hotel Belladonna - The Reporter - Hotel Belladonna - The Reporter

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