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New Stories Added February 06, 2016

The 17th Annual Literotica Award Special Nominations - Nominate your 2015 favorites in 5 special categories!
Terrible Company Ch. 07 - The Long Walk Home.
Book of Flames Ch. 06 - Keira goes dark.
A Special Kind of Love Ch. 05 - After a romantic dinner Ali finally takes his virginity.
Lucky Beyond Belief Ch. 03 - Mike spends the summer with his girlfriend's nudist family.
Upstairoids Ch. 07 - Kendra arrives to help Lexi detox.
An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 02 - Mike and Melody play party and fall in love.
Strip Game Addicts Ch. 08 - John plays against Jenna and her friends at a slumber party.
Tennis Lessons - Getting to know her partner.
Candace's Surprise Ch. 04 - Weekend's Exploration of the Perfect Size Tits.
The Bus to Pleasure Town - He wanted to tickle my fancy and more.
Ultimate Football Championship Game - Brittany and Eric make Patriots/Broncos rivalry personal.
The Business Deal - White suburban wife & mother listens to a business proposal.
Demon Coil Ch. 04 - What are best friends for?
The Mirror Ch. 04: Web Cam Show - Amanda puts on a web cam show for Eric.
Fitting in with the Upper Crust Ch. 02 - Buddy gets in deeper with his best friend's mother.
A Little Side Business Pt. 02 - A Sample and a Glimpse behind the Fa├žade.
The Photo Session Ch. 02 - Exhibitionism leads to sex with unexpected partners.
Curlew Ch. 03 - Curlew contemplates some landscaping and plants new seeds.
Mary Jane's Trip to Spain - Mary Jane goes to see Tomas.
Zero Fifty or One Hundred - What will she choose?
The Posting Ch. 01 - Deb Responds to a Sex Personal.
Senior Year Pt. 01 - Discovering a new side of myself with my best friend.
Michelle's New Boyfriend Ch. 04c - We go on an erotic camping/dancing trip.
Helping with the Chores Pt. 02 - Helping with the Chores Pt. 02 ht

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