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New Stories Added October 24, 2016

Closing Night High Ch. 05 - The final chapter of Emilie & Caleb's epic love story.
There and Back Again Ch. 69-70 - Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight.
Great Loop Ch. 13 - Winter.
Venus Ascending Pt. 10 - John & Lisa marry then the revolution begins.
Kelsey's World Ch. 06 - Kelsey plans a party. Charity embraces her inner slut.
Senior Week Ch. 08: Insatiable - Rachel's wild behavior begins to catch up with her.
Mrs. Chamberlain Ch. 08 - Barb's transformation is nearly complete.
Die Kiosk-Frau Teil 04 - Wir unterhielten uns jetzt ├╝ber ganz allt├Ągliche Dinge...
In The Dragon's Keep Pt. 03 - Veles devours Freya once more to her shameful delight.
Porn Theater Cheater - A wife cuckold's her husband at a porn theater.
Voyeuristic Intention - Erick likes to watch. His gets his wish on a rainy afternoon.
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