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New Stories Added April 25, 2015

The Tides Of War Pt. 14 - Part 14.
Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 07 - Bk. 2.5 Short stories and scenes.
Blurred Lines Ch. 02 - Natalie tries to figure out her next move.
For the Whored Ch. 072 - Tyrande discovers Elunara’s energy absorption
The Lunar Life Ch. 02 - Strange test results lead to a big opportunity.
Happy X-Mas - Student bekommt spezielles Angebot zu Weihnachten.
Mutter liegt im Krankenhaus 19 - Geiler Start in den Freitag.
Du Fantasme de Fécondation à... - Comment passer du fantasme au bonheur.
Mini-Micro-Zero 03 - Amateur Model macht mit beim Shooting extremer Bademoden.
Der Trainer - Gespräch zwischen Freundinen.
XXXecil's: The CockOut Bk. 01 - "Once you fuck me you own me!"
Passion Ch. 38 - Seven days. Seven goddesses.
For the First Time Ch. 02 - Will I finally take the big step?
Not My Type Except - She's not his type until she is.
Game of Power Ch. 03 - Alpha Female prepares to reluctantly leave home.
Treason Ch. 03 - At the court of King James.
Amber's Six Pics - Husband is obsessed by old photos of his wife's black lover.
Lisa the Slut Next Door - A teasing slut gets what she deserves as hubby watches.
Teacher Gets a Hall Pass - Husbands cheats wife wants a hall pass to make up for it.
A Day in the Life of a Slut - Tracy has nothing else better to do than be a slut!
Looking Back Ch. 13 - Conclusion - The women in Kate's life gather for her birthday.
Andrea Ch. 03 - Older man younger woman.
Black at Last - Ami finally gets black cock at a reggae festival.
Naughty at School Ch. 09 - Woman seduces teacher for an A.
The Cost of Silence - The Cost of Silence

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