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New Stories Added December 09, 2016

My Reluctant Key Party Pt. 02 - Nicole's guests arrive and the night takes a wild turn.
Snow an Elf and a ... Dragon? - Because a mall is a magical place at Christmastime.
Christmas Shopping in Fredericksburg - A loving wife is set up for sex in a wine bar.
The Holiday Party - Boy meets elf at company holiday party.
Bound Breasts Office Toy - Submissive thrill of tied breasts & double penetration.
Jehovah's Gift Exchange - A tense day at the office ends in an orgy.
Faith Hope and Love - A Holiday Romance.
Jack's Christmas Angel - A lonely husband gets the gift of new love for Christmas.
Winter Trails - My wife and I nervously get naked on a snowy trail.
Hooking a Mermaid - We argued about pantomimes.
The Virgin Madonna and Child - A Christmas miracle for all three.
A Christmas Carnal - Miracles come in different kinds of packages.
A Surprise 4 Mom - Son gives mother best present ever: 9 hard inches in 3 holes.
The Centerpiece - Miss Marion's slave has a special role at the holiday party.
Son of Santa - Mrs. Claus and her son get their Christmas wish.
Cypris Hotel and Suites 11: Kansas - Kim's plans are ruined Lauren suffers and Iris meets herse.
1:23 Ch. 07 - A wilding redhead and a Disney queen fantasies realized.
Let's Make a Deal Pt. 03 - More conditions and we hear some background.
Cheating and Rivals Pt. 66-72 - Jen gets closer to Ricky; Mike needs to know about LA.
Exhibitionist Wife Ch. 07 - Hooked on playing her husband's games.
Warband - Captured by a band of female Orcs his fate is uncertain.
My Reluctant Key Party Pt. 01 - Conservative wife agrees to host a partner swap party.
Fairy Summoning Pt. 10 - The Orgoblin escapes and finds a meal.
The Smirk - Husband learns his wife is cheating and seeks revenge.
Girl with The Wind in her Hair - Gentle romance between a young girl and an older man.
A Landscaper's Debt Ch. 02 - The physical.
Baby Sister Pt. 01 - My friend's "baby" sister was a gorgeous eighteen year-old.
A Couple's Fantasy Goes Awry - A husband's idea of swinging with the mature neighbors.
Moving Day Streak - Exhibitionist guy bares all to say goodbye to his hometown.
Physical Co-education Ch. 01 - Mixed gym class.
It was a Good Summer - Young man lucks into a 3-some with a MILF and her husband.
Little Things - The Next Position - Younger sister dominates older sister's lover.
Strange Ring - Chloe discovers a ring that fits perfectly!
Montana to L.A. Ch. 04 - The girls' trip to L.A. comes to an end.
A Holiday Pleasure - Seduced by an older woman.
Dead Friends... with Benefits? Pt. 02 - Just a girl who finds even more comfort in death.
The Isle of Satyrs - Somewhere in the unknown eastern hemisphere...
Specimen 669 - Events on a deep space research station take a sinister turn.
Side Dish - A redheaded waitress gets inspired by two women and explores.
Lesson Plan Ch. 08 - Miss Bell gets used and surprised.
Kitty Ch. 05 - Spencer and Katherine go to his old friend's.
Alpha Ch. 05 - The Change.
Anita's Affair Pt. 03 - Reconcilation.
Lilith Ch. 02 - Lilith returns to have her way with Jimmy.
The Neighbors - In a new subdivision Jon makes some interesting new friends.
Alien Experiments Ch. 02 - Gregg continues on the path of exploration.
The Prostate Exam Pt. 04 - A married man succumbs to Sissy transformation for his Doc.
But What Would Happen the Next Year - After a HOT conference last year the go back the next year.
Anything for Love - A voyeur husband with E.D. shares his wife and watches.
Adventures of Alice and Alex Pt. 04 - Alex's Introduction to Cross Dressing.

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