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New Stories Added July 24, 2014

Dean and Marie Ch. 02 - Co-Workers discover spanking and toy play in a cabin.
A Brave New World Ch. 01 - 18 strangers awaken after an epic battle to find a new world.
Factors of Change Ch. 02 - A friend a date and a nice twist for a Bad Day.
Could I Be a Werewolf? Ch. 00: Prologue - The bane of my existence.
WVC Ch. 12: Int Drawing Class #3 - Wearing his C&B harness he dances w/ Ms Reynolds.
The Molly Ch. 10 - Edith finds a new partner but what's really going on?
Cold Ancient Barriers Ch. 19 - Believing seducing disasters and death.
Cindy & Paul Ch. 02 - Cindy and Paul after Graduation.
A Friend Indeed - Best friends a sleepover a favor... and a secret shared.
Just Following Orders - As you wish ma'am.
Tina's Birthday Wish - Tina gets the best b'day present from her history teacher...
A Perilous Journey Ch. 13 - Chapter 13: Salvation.
The Strippers Secret Ch. 03 - A stripper's tale of sex power and control.
The Pretender: Epilogue - Daniel and Michael's happy ending.
A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 25 - Lee meets Chrissy and Ally.
Never Too Old To Dream Pt. 04 - Old fart finally gets off again.
The Labyrinth - A story of a minotaur and a woman.
Island Fever Ch. 23 - Jeremy finally gets to pop Lindsay's other cherry.
The Vacation House Ch. 14 - A Father and Son learn how to live and love together.
Sisters Friends and Lovers Ch. 25 - The girls play a mild dom-sub game with Steve.
Marlene and the Biker - A young Marlene meets older biker for a ride and more.
Friendly Step Brothers Ch. 02: The Next Morning - Damon and Ryder's adventure continues the next morning.
Aquata Cove Ch. 24 - It seems Merrick has left without a word called by his pod.
It's a Colorful World Ch. 01 - Woman disappointed with co-workers' attire makes a bet.

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