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New Stories Added July 25, 2017

Uschi Returns Ch. 07 - Nina & Sophie.
Drummer Boy - Secret Origins Ch. 02 - An acid trip down memory lane.
Darkness Rising: Halloween Ch. 01 - All is not as it seems in a small New England town.
The Gig Pt. 02 - Pat caters a party gets into sexy trouble.
Gay Days Ch. 07 - Aussie backpacker packs more than usual.
Uncaged Ch. 08 - Relentless.
Far Pangaea 20 : No Picnic - Nice to meet you. Don't eat me. Things that go Boo.
Sebastian Ch. 01 - Older petite blond woman submits to much younger man.
The Jealousy Game - An ex's jealousy games get turned against her.
Secretary to Slut - Susan's Journey Ch. 10 - Week over Susan makes her choice but is it the right one?
Necessity is the Mother of Obsession Ch. 02 - The Gambit - Sportsmanship Matters.
Clittermouse - Boy sexually initiated by his aunt.
A Choice of Gifts Pt. 01 - A young wife is gifted a chance to see if she is beautiful.
Can You Help - Neighbour drops in requiring some assistance.
The Pirate King Ch. 14 - "Where I belonged" - reunions.
Bizarre Roommates Ch. 04 - A story about three roommates and their bizarre adventures.
Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 15 - Angel teaches a young man how to treat a lady.
Pale Painter Ch. 01 - The Painter's Wish.
Street Find Ch. 03-04 - The Reluctant Singer and another sister arrives.
The Door in the Oak Ch. 42 - Amber becomes a fully-fledged shemale.
Influential Factors! Ch. 05 - Night Time In The City.
Hostess with the Mostest Ch. 05 - Candi gets to the training school and fucks John.
Sam's Panties Ch. 02 - Sam suggests a way for Jean to cuckold her sissy more often.
Tapes from a Garage Sale - Two 18 yr old boys buy old vcr and box of tapes.
Crossdressing at the Girls' Academy - Dressed as a girl he's caught and forced into a gangbang.
The Life of Janice Ch. 09 - Janice and Ken revisit old territory.
From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 08 - Chantel Helen & Alan Celebrate her role as a transsexual.
Julie's Climb Pt. 01 - A homeless redhead sets out to get off the streets.
Lynne Takes Revenge - Caught by my wife.
Exotic and Forbidden - It's dangerous and illicit but too tempting to resist.
My First Threesome - I went there to suck his cock but ended up in a 3some.
Lexius Academy for Boys Ch. 02 - Students are active and wife's secret is discovered.
High School Reunion Pt. 01 - Friendship rekindles romance but danger is lurking...
Jane's Play Thing Pt. 05 - Jane makes me her bitch.
Cow Breeding - The Master's cute heifer is bred by a stranger.
Submission in the Algarve - A husband agrees to a vacation of submission.
All a Sister Needs is her Brother Ch. 02 - Her brother shows a darker side and humiliates her husband.
My Daughter Her Friends and Me Ch. 01 - My daughter and her friends grow closer to me.
Stepping Over the Taboo Barrier Ch. 02 - Morals take the back seat in the face of lust.
"Take off my panties!" Pt. 02 - Matt gets to know his stepmom.
Reversals Ch. 10 - A successful woman embarks on a FLM and role reversal.
My First Pussy Fisting - I get to fulfill my fantasy of fisting a woman.
Rosy Cheeks - A story of what she secretly loves.
Anticipation Ch. 12 - Surprises. When she encounters the unexpected.
Sex with Best Friends? Pt. 01 - How will Ava react in sexual filled air within her BFs home?
Janey's Adventures Ch. 01 - She'd always been faithful until one evening...
Till I Became Dad's Favorite Bitch Ch. 02 - Punished and pleasured.
Mrs. A Visits Miss Muriel - Miss Muriel services Mrs. A.
Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 14 - A typical day in Daisy's new life.
Dominate Male Pleasures Lover Pt. 01 - She is gagged bound to a chair and pleasured.

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