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New Stories Added October 13, 2015

Out of a Clear Blue Sky - Sandy was a pilot - a very good pilot but her romantic life.
Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 10 - Anya goes to a forest and it gets wild.
Six Weeks of Grace Pt. 05 - Can love really calm the savage beast?
In the Hands of a Vampire Ch. 04 - The Vivian Addams Story: 1980.
Brother Wolves Ch. 07 - They arrive in Scotland.
Between the Lines Ch. 04 - Collaboration leads to exploration.
Sandy Inspires My Team - Man has new job in Mexico and find team enjoys his wife.
The Lucky Side - An ill wind does blow some good.
River Ch. 02 - Sarah takes a break from romantic relationships.
Life Changing Your Plans Ch. 02 - Father takes in daughter's friend and helps restore her life.
Cream Ch. 10 - Kim gets Creamed and gang-banged in The Showcase VIP room.
"Yes Sir!" Pt. 01 - Returning home for the holidays...
Feet Sex with Chemistry Professor - Horny professor craves for feet... and more.
New Girl Gets Physical - Student exposes more than expected at physical exam.
The Customer (Dexter's Saga) Ch. 34 - Ronia & Jesse make a hit at the conference. Rasid is angry.
Cruise Ship Affair - He finds loving on a cruise ship.
10000 - A couple struggles to find their groove.
23rd Floor Ch. 02 - Being an unreasonable asshole.
BBC Worship Ch. 03 - I give my wife to the Superior Black Man in marriage.
By Invitation Only - Two misfit party guests take their chances on the roof.
Bump Set Spike - Nice guys don't always finish last.
Vanessa and Eddie - Yearning for a white man cause Filipino to stray.
After the Playoffs - Post-match fun for a hockey player and his team mate.
Lisa Needs It Pt. 04 - The story concludes when Harry comes home.
When It Rains - Two strangers and a rainy night.
My Wife and Her Best Friend - Wife's best friend stays on vacation in our tiny apartment.
Sheikh Romps - Romps with WAGs during international matches.
Travis's Tale Ch. 01 - In the beginning there was Travis his sister and trouble...
First Time Is Best Time - Sue has the best of all.
Little Black Dress - The little black dress brings out the demons in her.
Mei Orgasms and Myself - A roommate sex-venture!
Morning Wakeup - Better than a cup of coffee to start a day.
Silicon Valley Cuckold Ch. 01 - Nerdy engineer's wife picks the wrong guy for threesome.
The Epiphanous Spouses Pt. 01 - Part 1.
Handyman - A hot wife solicits the services of a well-endowed man.
Email from Cindy's Box #06 - A story for Matt about work
Holly and Keith - Poor boy rich girl romance.
Traveling for Work - An after work stop at the bar leads to sex by the pool.

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