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New Stories Added May 25, 2017

Getting Down at Brown Ch. 04 - The Final Chapter.
Destined Lovers Ch. 06 - George's life takes a turn.
Parting Shot - Tensions during a group vacation lead to a steamy affair.
High Stakes Hard Sell Ch. 04 - The curse strikes and Jane scrambles to adjust.
Lux Ex Tenebris Ch. 05 - Clara's separation from her loved ones.
The Seduction of Rob Ch. 04 - The seduction continues in the living room of Rob's house.
Can A Straight Boy Be Turned Ch. 05 - Like an obedient pet.
Molly Ch. 03: Physical Education - Molly takes the Bullies by the Horns.
Ebony Seduction Ch. 05 - Revelations and remembrances wind down the day.
Shifting Ground Pt. 02 of 02 - I finished it. Bet is covered.
Harem of Vanity Pt. 04 - Nothing makes sex better than piracy.
The Command Investigation Ch. 03 - The lieutenant must decide: help the women or himself?
The Ice Queen Ch. 02 - The search for who or what she was.
Beth's Summer Break Pt. 07 - Gina parties hard and divulges more of her past.
The Monster Within Ch. 03 - Beverly learns about the monster.
One with the Hive - A young woman is abducted by bee-girls to join their hive.
Monica 35: Spin Cycle - Godiva on a Crotch Rocket.
Loyal Student - I can't believe I had sex with a student younger than me.
Kelsey's World Ch. 33 - Richie learns about his parents.
Corey and Noah Ch. 10 - Corey is reeling from his kiss with Noah.
"C" Club Ch. 04 - Cock Club alumni party leads to gang bang.
Ich Muss/Darf Zusehen - Meine Freundin wird vernascht.
Zweimal gelebt zweimal gestorben 03 - Die Flucht.
Lust - Für die Frauen...
Der Wanderstudent - Wanderstudent Hans erlebt auf seinen Reisen wilde Abenteuer.
The Football Player's Cocksucker Ch. 04 - Can you kiss your fuck buddies?
In a Class of His Own Ch. 11 - Will he ever learn?
Sylvia's Mom Pt. 01 - Horny mother offers herself to her daughter's boyfriend.
Master of Sins Ch. 05 - Sloth and Lust don't mix well...who knew?
My First Time - The first time I had sex.
An Unexpected Visit Ch. 02 - Their adventure continues.
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