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New Stories Added March 03, 2015

Angel Tales: Savannah's Story - Leaving home finding love losing it finding home.
Goodbye Miss Granger Ch. 10 - Muck-up day - Jeannie goes on a thrill ride.
Orc Dominion: Rebellion Ch. 08 - After liberating a castle the Queen meets an old 'friend'.
Da'Tara Saga Vol. 01 - Quest for the Dragon's Eye Gem.
Megan - Sometimes all it takes is a smile.
For the Whored Ch. 21 - Renwa decides it is time to fulfill a fantasy.
Quincunx Ch. 30 - Denouement.
A Tale of Two Paramours Ch. 18 - Mark and twenty-year-old Jessi have an up and down evening.
To Freeze Fire Ch. 03 - Mia wakes in a strange place and reunites with a stranger.
Fucking the Neighbour's Wife - Cheating with the neighbour's wife at a party.
Lorrie's College Days Adventures - Female student takes on basketball players.
The Five Forms of Kimber Ch. 03 - Kimber and Jonath go against giant squid for the next stone.
The Loving Husband Ch. 08 - Chapter 8.
Diavolo Ch. 04 - Who tried to kill Gabe?
The Marriage Ch. 01 - The trials of a forced marriage.
What We Must Ch. 06 - Another pregnancy escape and confrontation.
Learning to Fuck Again - Divorced woman learns how to fuck again with neighbor's son.
Vera's Tale - A corollary to "Cygnus Five" tells Vera's version of events.
Breaking Drake Ch. 13 - Drake finishes his tool training and starts the next stage.
Panther Tales Ch. 08 - Many fires are lit.
Wimpass Sub Ch. 06 - Steve and his wife must continue to submit.
Nightfall Ch. 03 - A composer falls for his pupil.
Shenanigans in Seattle - Maybe sleepless too unless you count sleeping together.
My One True Love Ch. 10 - Experiences in College.
The Trouble with Roommates Ch. 07 - Nick is caught taking advantage of Brian's absence.
Corssdressing at Pride Ch. 03 - Amsterdam femboi reconnects with his older lover moves in.
Adventures in Wonderland - A happily married woman discovers the joys of group sex
Jake and Toby Ch. 02 - Doc and Mr. Sex Attend a Trust and Team Building Retreat.
A Cuckquean Story: Ch. 02 The Aftermath - Husband and wife and what happens the next day.
Cock Lover: A Lifetime of Pleasure Ch. 04 - Getting an Education.
And Finally Colton - Lonely wife gives in to hot temptation.
Taking the Bus - Emily encounters a lesbian while taking the bus home.
Hematoma Ch. 06 - Shay wakes up in Ricky's bedroom.
Zeek's Surprise - Old romance rekindled.
The Story of Him & Her Ch. 03 - Turning a Mistress into a slave...
The Night I Became a Woman - A Valentine's Night to Remember.
Fever Ch. 08 - Chapter 8.
Blake Ch. 07 - Time away from the roommate gives them more time to play.
The Cruise - The Cruise //

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