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New Stories Added May 26, 2015

Between London and Brighton Ch. 02 - A weekend affair in Brighton.
Adventures of Cameltoe Ch. 02 - King Arthur struggles to deal with Guinevere's promiscuity.
Secrets of The New World Order Ch. 06 - The women plan to take control from the men.
Intoxicated Ch. 03 - Naomi gets caught up in lust with her new stepbrother.
Swing Party - Shirley and I attend our first swing party.
Just Sex - Isabelle is 22 Jack is... older.
Just Bag My Head and Fuck Me - A more courteous way to say 'yes'.
By the Horns Ch. 01 - Rhuno Sunheart tauren paladin is called before Alexstrasza.
Storm of Shadows Ch. 00-01 - Absent friends and consequences.
A Boy and His Genie Ch. 07 - Matt has sex with Becky and the group reveals its secrets.
Sharon's Story Pt. 02 - Sharon takes over family and adds to it.
Dark Weres Ch. 08 - The women in the pack show their true colors.
A Wider Sky Ch. 14 - Alien college will never be the same again.
Kasey's Legs Ch. 09 - Kasey makes a new friend and they order pizza.
Life on the Edge of Orgasm Pt. 03 - Sisters get a lesson in cock-teasing I learn to eat pussy.
Visions - Short story of lasting love and desire between 2 lovers.
Rachel Doesn't Do 'Normal' Pt. 01 - Busty blonde Rachel finds that 'old' habits die hard.
Jack Hires an Assistant - Interview turns interesting as interviewee takes charge.
Oh Elena - Could one woman cause so many to fall?...
Welcome Home - Some things just can't wait.
Teacher - Army Medic thrown back in time finds love and prosperity.
Life of the Mainwarings Pt. 11 - Darla does the takeout girl.
Blame It on the Cat - Feline incited misadventure turns amourous.
Max's Long Weekend - Max spends the weekend with a new girl.

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