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New Stories Added October 20, 2014

Julia Bulette's House of Ill Repute - A young couple stumbles into a mysterious brothel.
The Neighbor - The neighbor wore black inside and out.
There Must Be A Mistake Ch. 14 - A scientist inherits his niece.
Traveling - Meeting up with a hot couple while on business trip.
Gloria's Daughter Ch. 03 - Will Denny's fantasies come true? Does he want them to?
English Girls Ch. 03 - Andrew's lessons continue.
Hostel - Stranger threesome in Danish hostel.
A Little Hug - One moment that changed everything...
Mollie Buys a Brothel - The dusky daughters of the poor need to earn a living.
Flowers for Jill Ch. 06 - Change brings forth new realizations.
After Work Delight - There's a lot of work to do. Eli doesn't care. Old gift fic.
Seduced Into Submission Pt. 01 - White wife seduced by black man into sex.
Her First Encounter Ch. 09 - The final chapter of Adri & Krellyn's first book.
Man I Feel Like a Woman Ch. 02 - Z and her friends struggle with money.
Lost Kingdoms Ch. 04 - New members.
Cooking Classes Ch. 02 - Jacob's seducing Sam or is it the way around?
The Lancaster Men - Trent has been sneaky around his father. That ends tonight.
The Chosen Team - Coach forms a new volleyball team full of secrets.
Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 23 - The last chapter.
Sarah's New Life Ch. 02 - Sarah becomes a submissive slut for her newest lover.
Words - Can you destroy a betrayer with just words?
Signature Item Pt. 01 - Postman provides more than just a large package.
Sexual Soul Mate - A woman meets her perfect lover later in life.
Brotherly Love - How could I love my brother?
Encounters to Deny Ch. 01 - Natasha waited for a ride that didn't come.
An Affectionate Friendship Ch. 02 - Kelly and TJ entertain Kelly's friend Alexis.
Shower Time - Raena and her best friend Ayame get steamy in the shower.
Cute Wife Used On a Yacht - Sexy yacht stewardess wife gives in and gets laid.
Evil Slut Bride Ch. 01 - Evil manipulative bitches destroy an innocent little dupe.
कोमलप्रीत कौर के गरम गरम किस्से - 1 - मेरी तंग पजामी
Games Ch. 17 - "And this is kinda what it was like Tommy."
Black Cock Party Ch. 08 - I suck and jerk off two black cocks at a fraternity house.
The Loving Husband Ch. 06 - K comes to visit.
A Beautiful Wife - Maya conceded watching her have sex was a legitimate fantasy.
What Happened That Night - A succubus a biker and a runaway walk into a bar.
Nurse Samantha - Examination room sex.
Loss to Love Ch. 02 - The downward spiral slowly consumes Drew.
Adventures in Rosieland Ch. 05 - Rosie misses her massive cock Steve tries to put it right.
Briana's Basic Nature Ch. 09 - Devin makes a fateful decision for Bree's deepest desire.
What Happens In Vegas Stays There? - It's true isn't it? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?
A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 31 - Marta takes us to a party.
Pam's Camping Merit Badge - Wife's camping and drinking lead to group sex.
Bob the Builder - Two almost strangers filling time.
I Can't Sell a Sorry - Frustrated business man tries to combat shoplifting.
Sing Love The Electric Heart Ch. 01 - A computer falls in love with a woman.
A big fight. A big Night. - This is a HIMYM fan fic it

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