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New Stories Added October 30, 2014

De Sauveterre Mansion - A passive man his abusive wife and a woman who freed him.
Daughter's Visit - Cassandra prepares for her daughter's visit.
Redwood Manor: Autumn Pt. 02 - Faced with no good option Clayton crosses a fine line.
Jack Be Quick Ch. 02 - Together again.
Sue and Rob's Garden Party - Sue gets gang banged in the garden.
Cultural Exchange Ch. 03 - Learn to stand before you try to run.
Desecration of a Living Saint Ch. 02 - A necromancer uses dark forces to undermine a holy commander.
Sprite-Snowdrop Tales Ch. 02 - Snowdrop's embarrassment at the picnic.
Greek Life Middleman - Some say his plan was to go alone all along lucky bastard.
The Wallflower Ch. 06 - It's back to the drawing board for Lily.
Dani's Cumuppence Pt. 02 - Dani's Halloween celebration takes a darker turn.
Kseniya the Beta Tester: Fuckcraft - Kseniya has a job she loves and bosses she loves more.
Life's Blood - A vampire-hunter becomes the thing he loathes most.
Break-In - Is there a burglar in the house?
Wild Oats - The Vet - Sally has sex with a Viet Nam disabled Vet.
Gaius and the Troll - Igred subdues a troll while Gaius watches.
Fair Exchange - The exchange rate isn't necessarily one for one...
Flashing Leads To More Ch. 01 - Wife gets help to realise she is submissive.
Following the Rules: Minotaurus - Maron wore red on the wrong day.
Awakenings Ch. 15 - Jeanne calls to tell Michael Mel and Amy about her date.
It’s a Brave New World Ch. 03 - Jason experiences what it's like to Bond.
Evil Slut Bride Ch. 06 - Now there is no doubt hubby knows his place.
Pictures Never Lie: A Love Story Pt. 10: Final - The story ends.
A New Hobby Ch. 02 - Scott and Brandy establish rules for her Hot Wife lifestyle.
Wifely Support - How important women are to a man's success and happiness.
The Royal Line Pt. 01 - ...which includes a prince and a wet nurse.
His or Her Fantasy? - Who craved what more?
The Hitchhiker - My girlfriend and I never pick up hitchhikers...
Ashley's Tale - Demon's World 03 - Chapters 9-12
A Clockwork Green Ch. 02 - Experimentation.
Diary of a Cross-dresser Ch. 01 - The yearnings of a sissy and his fantasy come true.
Life of Greg - An average man sees his life flipped on his head.
My One True Love Ch. 09 - Starting college with my girl.
How to Date a Superhero Ch. 04 - Mega-Girl visits Olympus city of the Gods!
What I'd Always Wanted - A sexually ambiguous man finds his place on his knees.
Suzanne's Pool Party - White wife is taken at pool party.
One Incredible Costume - Daughter's friend has an unexpected Halloween treat for Dad.
First Time... Sort Of... - Second date with my girl and a huge sigh of relief...
Sexy Slave - A virgin gets sold to a cruel man.
Fucking In the Honeymoon Suite - I fucked her ass and she loved it.
Serendipity Ch. 31 - And Gladys makes five.
Best Business Trip Ever - A relationship develops with hotel next-door neighbor.
Dr. Who? - When a trip to the gyn becomes an affair to remember.
Lottie the Shy Chubby Bridesmaid - I gatecrash a wedding and connect with a bridesmaid. Or two.
Wish Cums True Pt. 04: Wife Takes Adv - While her Hubby's away hot wife will play.
Personal Demon Pt. 01 - A woman has a certain problem with a sex demon.
Derby Line Marriage Ch. 24 - Benjamin learns that three is not a crowd.
Toad Hall - Matters Practical - Denise goes shopping.
A Special Night - An anniversary evening of fun.
Losing It to Coach Brian Ch. 02 - Things go even further as Brian and Eliza explore each other.

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