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New Stories Added January 31, 2015

One Plus Two Minus One Ch. 04 - A college professor falls for a younger man
Arlo Ch. 04 - A change of scene and meeting the family.
"A Raging Inferno In Phoenix" - A sensual kind of trans erotica.
Juliana Ch. 08 - Control we think is a one-way road.
A Big Addiction - Some fantasies are just too big.
Flower Girl Ch. 02 - The writer and librarian get to know each other.
Mother-In-Law Gets Hers - Wife's mother ends up fucking her daughter's husband.
The List Ch. 02: Monica - Shane reflects on Monica's big tits and luscious lips.
Daddy's Little Helpers Ch. 02 - Second Daughter's Friend.
Jeurridam: The Outskirts - Bun-Bun finds someone worth changing reality...
Thursday Dinner - Stew and Sherry host their new friends for dinner.
I Am Jack's Life Ch. 02 - A coming of age story.
Out of Town Hotel Excitement - The story of a married woman's explosive night w/lover.
I am Hellen Ch. 02 - Forced to confront her past.
Dark Weres Ch. 02 - Betty and Ja'Mal respond to her father; uh oh Lavinia!
The Client - Debt - Two stories in one.
An Experiment Ch. 03 - As the saying goes one thing leads to another...
Unwilling Ch. 08 - ... where Darla wakes up and Darwin gets some.
The Check Ride Pt. 01 - Lesbian Seduction in a simulated cockpit.
Date Night - We finally get the date we wanted.
M: An Exhibitionist Woman - Conflicted emotions over girlfriend's exhibitionism.
Cushions - Demented doctor develops a cure for frigidity.
A Kitchen Fit to Party in Ch. 01 - He wants a kitchen with a wife to show it off.
Ling Gam Ch. 03 - Irox tells about herself.
The Chocolate Fountain - A shy submissive and a Handsome Master find each other.
Cheating Wives Always Get Caught - FTDS - The best laid plans and all that crap.
Scarlett Sky Returns - Sending away the woman who broke my heart.
Unknown Love Ch. 02 - Dinner and a movie.
Training of Angie Ch. 03 - A wife gets herself blackmailed into to being a sex toy.
Arizona Mary - A three generation perfect storm.
Nicole and Her Businessman Pt. 02 - Nicole finds her man and is off to the bright lights.
White Lotus Ch. 01 - Scientist interrogated for info after creation escapes.
Lucy's Kiss - An owner lends out his whore for her first kiss.
The Master His Cherry and Their New Pet Ch. 02 - Life with Master and cherry.
Jacuzzi Ch. 02 - Exposure outside of the Jacuzzi.
Anal Summer Ch. 04 - More hot summer anal!!!
Back When We Were Young - A sleepover ends with debauchery.
Clara - A relationship somewhat abnormal.
In the End - The end of the world was the opening they've always needed.
Meet Me in San Fran - Meet Me in San Fran //

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