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New Stories Added July 23, 2016

Improve Your Writing: Summary - Avoid common mistakes (1300 Words).
On a Dragon's Lips Ch. 13-16 - Her first taste of real combat and her body betrays her mind.
Shadow Walker - Mages in University.
Evergreen Forest Ch. 18 - The band must hurry. Nictice plans to tempt Anna once more.
Beach Vacation Ch. 01 - A day at the beach gets even hotter when they come indoors.
Isabelle and mr. BĂȘte ch. 08 - Isabelle gets punished again
A Wizard Story: Queen Gwen and Pip - Mature queen and young messenger.
Split Image Ch. 01 - Mandy's side of the story.
Daring Lisa Marvell Ch. 05 - Reporter plays strip trivia on TV - and loses.
Katie - The Trainee Pt. 05 - Busty young & naive girl starts new job.
Acting Lessons - Theatre gets hard lessons from ex-acting guru.
Sunday Morning Pt. 03 - David and Abbie out themselves to their families.
Great Loop Ch. 05 - Toronto.
Training the Neighbor Pt. 04 - An interview with the Bishop.
Playing with the Wife Ch. 03 - More complications.
Fire Island Ch. 04 - The couples meet a new couple.
The Neighbour Pt. 04 - Irene finally cuckolds her husband.
Chinese Wife Ch. 02 - Her first interracial.
The Unrequited Ch. 27 - Joues de Mile.
Loss of Amateur Status Pt. 01 - A mature woman employs a young man in more than one way.
Golf Prose Pt. 01 - A group adventure.
The Awakening Pt. 02: Jane - One story...two perspectives. This is Jane's story - part 2.
The Pacts of Magick Ch. 02 - After watching the ritual a young mage returns to work...
Chance Meeting - About a frustrated wife and mother just wanting a weekend.
Friday Night Delights Ch. 07 - Friday Night Delights Ch. 07 https://www.liter

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